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Revitalisation Project Report Published

The Revitalisation Project was launched in April 2016, and CAMRA’s National Executive commissioned the Revitalisation Project Steering Committee to carry out an independent review of CAMRA’s positioning, purpose and activity.

Led by one of CAMRA’s founders, Michael Hardman MBE, the RPSC carried out a large-scale consultation of CAMRA members this summer. Tens of thousands of CAMRA members responded to online surveys and almost two thousand attended consultation events across the country.

The RSPC also sought the views of those with involvement and expertise in the pub and beer industries, including publicans, brewers, politicians and journalists.

The Committee considered this wide range of information and was confident that it provides a representative view of those who took part in the surveys and attended consultation meetings, informed by understanding of the sector. It has now submitted its proposals for CAMRA’s future to the National Executive. While the Committee has suggested new opportunities for CAMRA, key to its proposals is that campaigning to protect community pubs and clubs, real ale, cider and perry, will continue to be our main campaigning objectives.

The National Executive has accepted the report as an independent, representative and unbiased review of its activities and will now take the strategic review forward to a conclusion - deciding if, how, and when to make recommendations about implementing the proposals.

CAMRA members will continue to be fully involved in the process, and will be invited to discuss the Revitalisation Project proposals at the Members’ Weekend and Conference to be held in Bournemouth in April 2017.

A final decision on adopting the proposals/recommendations will be taken at the Members’ Weekend and Conference to be held in Coventry in 2018.

The full RPSC proposal can be downloaded here

A summary of the results of our third member survey can be downloaded here


Colin Valentine

National Chairman

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