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What can you expect if you attend one of our Revitalisation Project consultation meetings?

A lot of interesting discussion and exchange of views - and the chance to try out an interactive voting system throughout the meeting.

Click and select deviceWe’ll be bringing a system called “clikapad” along to the consultation meetings so the participants can let us know what they’re thinking as the session progresses - and at the end vote on the big question: who should CAMRA represent?

And to make things even more interesting, you’ll be able to see the results of the votes as the meeting goes on.

We’ll be finding out why people join CAMRA, why they remain members, what they like to drink and where they buy their beer from.

We’ll also be asking them if CAMRA’s vision and purpose is still valid in the current beer and pub world and exploring what the threats and opportunities for both the industry and CAMRA might be.

Your opinions and ideas are vital to the Revitalisation Project. As well as the results from the voting being fed back to the Revitalisation Steering Group, we’ll be taking notes of the discussions between the voting and using that as well.

With around 50 consultation meetings and an online survey running through April, there’s no excuse for not making your views known about who CAMRA should represent and how it should go about representing those people.

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