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Revitalisation Project stage two survey results

I would like to thank all members who took the time to respond to our second consultation survey, which asked your view on where CAMRA should position itself in relation to the type of drink it advocates and the places it encourages people to drink. As always the views of you, CAMRA members, have been of great value in helping the Revitalisation Project steering committee construct detailed proposals to present to the National Executive ahead of the members having the final say.

This second survey attracted 8,200 valid responses from members (following a process of removing duplicate responses and respondents whose membership we were not able to verify).

We are confident this sample size is statistically robust, valid and representative of the views of the membership as a whole. This sample size gives us a confidence level of 99% and a 1.4% margin of error (against an industry standard of 95% confidence and 5% margin of error).

In this second survey we also heard from a good balance of new and longer standing members, active and inactive members and older and younger members. The results show a broad unity of majority opinion across these groups.

Michael Hardman
Chairman of the Revitalisation Project

About the CAMRA members who responded


What does this tell us?

  • Real ale remains a core issue for almost all members
  • There is strong support for cider and perry
  • A majority of members are in favour of some recognition of "other high-quality beers"



What does this tell us?

  • There is clear support for pubs remaining at the heart of campaigning, and strong backing for continuing support for clubs
  • A majority of members would also be in favour of CAMRA campaigning for consumption and sale in other on-trade venues such as bars, brewery taps, sporting and musical event venues
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