What is CAMRA for?

CAMRA has broadened its focus considerably over the past 45 years, particularly in recent times, when there have been many more issues to tackle besides real ale.

There has even been a change to CAMRA's articles of association to recognise this broader role and remit, which now includes cider, perry, pubs, taxation and other government policies.

The question now is how broad and inclusive should our campaigning be?

  • Drinkers of real ale. Should we represent drinkers of real ale only? This was CAMRA’s original remit in the early 1970s.
  • Drinkers of real ale, cider and perry. This would take us back to the position in 1988, supporting the production and consumption of other traditional British drinks.
  • All beer drinkers. Should CAMRA represent drinkers of all types of beer, on the grounds that if they drink beer they may be potential converts to real ale?
  • All beer, cider and perry drinkers. Should we represent all drinkers of traditional styles, but without dictating any particular methods of dispense or production?
  • All pub-goers. Should the Campaign speak for all pub-goers, because people who go to pubs help to keep the key outlets for real ale open and because pubs promote responsible drinking in a communal setting?
  • All drinkers. Should CAMRA represent all people, whatever they drink, wherever they buy it and wherever they drink it?

This was the subject of our first survey of members. This survey (and the 50 consultation meetings we are holding throughout the country) demonstrated that members hold a wide range of opinions on who CAMRA should represent and how it should go about representing its members. It showed that members see support for real ale and consumer representation as central to what we do.

We now need to know how CAMRA should position itself in relation to the type of drink it advocates, and the places it encourages people to drink. CAMRA members can take our second survey now

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