Who should CAMRA represent?

Since the mid-1980s, our campaigning has often been in the interests of all pub-goers. The battle to keep pubs open is today’s equivalent of the original campaign to keep open those breweries producing cask ale.

Should CAMRA now position itself to represent not just real ale and cider drinkers, but all beer drinkers or all pub-goers?

We might gain a larger membership and campaigning voice.

The beer and pubs sector benefits from a strong, independent campaigning body. Would it benefit more from an organisation with a wider remit: effectively a consumers’ organisation for drinkers?

This issue is central to CAMRA’s future. As an inclusive organisation we might welcome all drinkers, even those who are only beginning to decide what they think is good beer.

Could we be more welcoming to new members?

We might seek to help people discover their own taste preferences. Should beer appreciation be a central part of our role in the future?

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